Collection of Stamps and Coins is a Form of Art

Life is an art. This is said by many famous personalities. As a definition, when an object is considering as a work of art, you just simply mean that object as the result of a creation of an article by using valuable applications of a mass of expertise along with an array of talents and cleverness.

In this context the experts consider collecting one form of artistic attempt in the sense by the mere acquisition of objects, is limited to the interest of the person who acquires the object. This does not mean that all the people are born to collect the coins, stamps, or any other similar items, which may not be valuable to some people and somebody prefers to do it.

Consequently, most experts are challenging that the hobby of collecting some explicit objects are generally based on a precise area of interest of the person involved. Because the interest of the collector is the primary purpose of this kind of habit to spare more time for detecting the things. Many people are considering the collection of stamps and coins as a form art and good habit.

Based on the definition of the art of collectible hobby, the mere acquisition of stamps and coins, based on the personal attention given by the collector will definitely be artistic in nature. In short, when a person is attracted to a certain thing, the object becomes an art of collectible.

Moreover, the basic features of the coins and the stamps are also one of the reasons to become an art of collectible. This is because the designs of the coin and stamp are not just created by any individual, who knows how to draw some lines or shapes. The designs, which are engraved or sketched in the surface of the stamp or the coin are made by the people who were exceptional with the talent to illustrate the things imaginatively and creatively.

Take the stamps for example. The creation of the designs in a particular stamp undergoes a detailed process of brainstorming, evaluative, analytical, and good decision making in order to come up with a truly creative design. In fact, a group of 12 to 15 persons form the Citizen's Stamp Advisory Committee, which serves as the body to recommend the ideal designs to be included in stamp production.

Every year, the committee contemplates on about 50,000 designs and promotes at least 35 from those designs to the 'postmaster general' for the production of 'commemorative stamps'.

This proves that the selection of the design is such a thorough process that the value of the item is clearly identifiable.

For this reason, stamp collectors and coin collectors, particularly those who focus more on the rare items, should know the value of each items.

Here we are mentioning a list of reasons for the enthusiasm of enthusiast, who are so much immersed in collecting the stamps and coins, for those who are still not understood that, why many people are fell down into the habit of collectible art.

1. Art of collectible hobby provides various areas of interest:

When a person has decided to start an art of collectible hobby of a particular item like coins or stamps, it reflects the kind of object he is interested. For example, if a stamp collector concentrates more on the rare stamps rather than the ordinary stamps, which could mean a lot of things like his interest with the rarity of the stamps, or he could be interested with the income by selling the stamps to other collectors.

2. Art of collectible hobby may trigger the desire to accomplish something

While most of the collections are focused on the mere acquisition of various items such as different kinds of stamps or coins arranged according to the interest of the collector. There are some people who opt to collect the stamps and coins with the aim to complete the whole set.

This means that the additional art of collectibles are obtained to fill in the missing spaces in between stamps and coins. Once completed, the collector usually feels the unexplainable satisfaction, which other people can never feel.

All these grounds are mentioned to conclude that the art of collectible hobby of stamps and coins are not just mere samples of free time detection. On its broader context, stamp and coin collection can be considered as new forms of arts as well.


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