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Stamp collection is a worthwhile hobby. Stamp collections as well as philately are popular, which is shared by many people as their favorite pastime, through out the world. It is one of the educational endeavors where a person can spend considerable effort and time.

What Is Stamp collection?

Stamp collection is concerned with saving postage stamps from the letters. It involves earnest efforts to search out for the old stamps. It also includes the collection of objects related to stamps like envelopes with stamps on them. The stamp collector may eager to find another stamp collector just about everywhere due to the popularity of the pastime. There are 20 million people, who are engaged in stamp collection, in United States alone.

However, the stamp collection must not be confused with philately. Philately is the study of the stamps. Neither the study of the stamp does not necessarily include the collection, nor does the stamp collection necessitate the study. Most collectors simply enjoy the act of acquiring stamps.

Ways of Collecting Stamps

Most serious stamp collectors are not just for accumulating the stamps. They choose a certain aspect or detail to focus on it. There are so many ways, by which a stamp collector may narrow down the focus.

One way is to collect only the stamps of a certain country, it may be of the own country or a foreign.

Some would be interested with the illustration featured on the stamp, for example cats, butterflies, airplanes or religious figures.

There are people concerned only with stamps released on a certain year, like the year they were born or when a certain historical event took place. This can be more challenging and very much rewarding.

The Challenge

With the commencement of the email technology, people are less likely to receive a letter from the postage services. Thus, the chances of acquiring more stamps are narrowed.

The Stamp Catalogue

A stamp catalogue is a detailed list or directory of postage stamps. This will simply consist of a register of descriptions and prices of the stamps. This is not to be undermined because, it is an essential tool for any serious philatelist.

Initially, this catalogue was just used to help the dealers for referring the prices. Stanley Gibbons is the one, who are still uses the stamp catalogues for that purpose.

As time went on, philately has developed the function of the stamp catalogues as a pastime well. The catalogues started to feature additional details regarding the stamps. It includes the date the stamp was issued, the color variations and many more. Philatelist recognized its significant purpose but it cannot help to become widespread to all the people.

Stamp catalogues have different coverage. Michel catalogue, Stanley Gibbons catalogue, Scott catalogues and Minkus catalogue are having the worldwide coverage.

This worldwide coverage is very considerable to give the informations about thousands of new stamps released every year from different countries. Each new stamp will have descriptions. In addition, the prices of the stamps also must be taken into account. For some publishers, the prices are determined by collecting the data from dealers and auctions.

Some catalogue publishers even publish the specialized volumes. These contain additional details, most of the time according to nationality.

Most of the countries have their own catalogues or their ?national catalogues.? The postal administrations may come up with these catalogues. However, the experience with them is that they do not give full details of the stamps featured. The leading dealer or publisher in the country can initiate the effort to put up a detailed catalogue.

Some examples of the ?national catalogues? are the Brusden-White in Australia, Ma catalogue and Yang catalogue in China, Facit in Sweden and Anfils catalogue in Spain.

Stamp shops have stamp catalogues, which can be purchased from there. At present, we have to give the thanks to the Internet technology, where stamp catalogues can easily be accessed for purchase online. Most web sites of stamp collection can link to another site that offers stamp catalogues. The price range would usually depend on the kind of stamp catalogue.

The catalogues with discounted price can also be offered by the web sites. However, take a note that the discount offer may apply only to certain catalogues, which usually covers a certain period.

A free stamp catalogue may sound better. The stamp companies or even particular web sites of stamp collection will usually offers free stamps catalogues. Some would offer only free copies of their catalogues. The free stamp catalogues may not be as comprehensive as worldwide catalogues. However, the free catalogues are very useful resources for a dedicated stamp collector.

One can easily avail these free stamp catalogues. They offer to promote the web site or to serve as a token for being a regular visitor of the web site. So, simply grab the chance of this offer because, there is nothing to lose for a free stamp catalogue to gain.


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