Grades of Stamps

Stamps are graded based on many features and factors and are categorised with terminolgies. Let us provide you with an overview now:

* Superb

Stamps that are clean and fresh are termed as Superb category. You will not find any faded colour, or any tear, or any damage in the stamp. There will not be any wrinkles or creases either. Superb stamps are perfectly centered with even margins on all sides and the perforations will also be perfect and complete.

* Very Fine

Apparently perfect stamps are categorised as Very Fine stamps. The colour might have faded out in few places and the margin may slightly be uneven. Very fine stamps may not match Superb category; however, the very outlook of such stamps will be very good.

* Fine

Stamps that are free from any visible defects, stains and imperfections are categorised as Fine stamps. Fine stamps cannot match Superb or Very fine category, however, in the event of your inability to go for superb stamps, you can go in for fine stamps as an alternative.

* Good

A Good stamp is devoid of any crease or wrinkle and does not have any torn portion. You may find little fading in colour and the printing may also be little displaced. A heavily smudged stamp (due to cancelled markings) is also likely to be classified under this category.

* Poor

Poor stamps constitute mainly to very poor quality of printing. These stamps are very low in quality aspects and are torn and heavily creased. You will also see spots or blotches and normally collectors will retain any poor quality stamps only when a matching or comparable piece is not available.


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