How Stamp collecting helps you build relationships?

The hobby also helps you to keep in touch with a wide variety of like-minded people for developing friendship, for exchanging your collections and sharing knowledge.

Further, you get to know about the country's rich heritage, history, the country?s geographical location, biography, culture and many other useful and interesting features. Besides the above, you get an added benefit of eye catching designs and colours that are worth seeing and preserving for satisfying your senses.

Initially you get attracted towards beautiful design and colours, and once you start to look deep into the stamp, you are bound to get more interested and start looking for more details; eventually this indirectly influences your curiosity to learn more and increase your knowledge base. For example, when you see a beautiful Maple leaf in one of the Canadian stamps, you will tend to learn more about the maple tree and the interests of Canadian people.

Stamp collecting also helps you to get organised, make you efficient in handling things in an orderly manner and instill a sense of satisfaction. You may initially tend to put your stamps in a cover or even in your shoebox, but you need to get organised and know how to arrange the collections in a proper way and you will start learning the organising skills slowly. And you will also start enjoying the aesthetic value and the satisfying feeling derived out of the feat achieved.

It may not be possible for you to visit all the countries that are on the map. However, through stamp collection, you will get to know about the various countries and can have an mental journey exploring all the fantasies such as mountains, cliffs, huge dams, rough seas and various other flora and fauna of the distant country.

There is no hard and fast rule when it comes to stamp collecting. You can have your own pace of stamp collection and proceed in your own way as directed by your impulses. As per the words of Jim Watson, stamp collecting or the field of philately is a disciplined field of study, but however, allows you to have your own agenda, strategy and pace.

Lots of literatures are available today that has documented the various long time stamp collectors? thoughts and experiences. There are standards and rules that guide the study of philately and there is always a possibility of you gaining new knowledge at every stage of your stamp collection process.


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