Stamp Collecting in Channel Island

People are having different habits. They can dedicate their free time for anything, which makes them interested and happy. As such, the choice of hobby of any person will also tell a lot about his or her personality. An athletic person will spend the pastime playing sports and games. The creative ones will devote their time to arts and crafts.

There are number people, who would like to dedicate their time for collecting things. Stamp collecting is one of the most famous hobbies in the world. 20 million enthusiasts are involved in the habit of stamp collection at United States alone. which is clearing the doubt of popularity of the stamp collection.

What Is Stamp Collection?

Stamp collection is all about stamps and everything related to it. The stamp collector will aim to collect more stamps to comprise a considerable collection and the collections are to be compared with philately, which is concerned mainly with the study of stamps and everything related to it.

Starting a hobby of collecting stamps is not difficult. All you have to do is collect all the letters in the household. Remove the stamps from the envelope, gather them and you have your items.

Most stamp collectors may start the hobby just for fun and without any curiosity. It cannot be denied that there are many stamps, which are really interesting. They can display all sorts of information and data and can disclose the historical events, important figures, artworks, animals, insects, planets, sports or just about anything under the sun. The illustration and the subject give so much satisfaction to the interest. The beginner will simply find out later he or she will have to be hooked in to the hobby.

Collecting Specialties

Most collectors will focus their collection for a certain type. There may be actually hundreds or thousands of stamps. It will be helpful to narrow down the choices to have some more focus in the collection.

There are different areas where the collection may have to be focused.

Postage Stamps

These are the usual stamps used by countries at a specific time.

Postal Stationery

Postal stationeries are some sort of post cards and air letter sheets, which the government issues. The earliest one of these were issued in the year of 1819.

Federal Duck Stamps

These are stamps used for duck hunting licenses. Those are applied mainly on Unites States and Canada. Every year, a wildlife artist and his or her design is selected among many competitors and shall be displayed as the Duck stamp.

Souvenir Sheets

They are stamps released in a format of a sheet forming a big picture.

First Day Covers

Also known as the FDC's, these are envelopes with stamps that were cancelled on the day the stamp was issued.

Aiming for More

To satisfy the desire for more, it is necessary that the collector should know all the details of the stamps. The most useful tool to be used here is the stamp catalogue. This could display the stamps of a particular region or even worldwide coverage. It provides stamp details such as the official name, date of issuance, material, face value and actual value.

The value of a stamp is often determined by the conditions of its issuance. Most stamps are for ordinary release. The valuable one is that, which has came out with a very limited edition. They can be very rare and hard-to-find, which makes their market value very high.

Take a particular place in United States, the Channel Island for example. The postage service in the locality of Channel Island will usually provide ordinary stamps for mail purposes of the citizens.

However, the postage service may release a special commemoration stamp. This may commemorate an event or a figure very special to Channel Island. The Channel Island for example has a special Channel Island Occupation Stamp in the year of 1940-45, Which will tell a lot about the history of Channel Island. So, it is very much expected that the residents of Channel Island will especially aim for those and more.

There are many stamp collectors, more than millions actually, who have different goals and aims in pursuing their hobby. They may have different history, origin, and languages.


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