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The enthusiasm and the enjoyment of stamp collection are widely shared by the millions of stamp collectors through out the world. This fact is very much recognized and the popularity & worth of the stamp collection has not been disputed anymore.

When it comes to the matter of stamp collection enthusiasm, the first rank goes to the United States among the other countries in the world. In US alone, the dedicated population in the field of stamp collection is around 20 million.

The stamp collection is most preferred hobby for millions of people and continues to spread among the others before and after the commencement of Internet and email technology. Actually, the Internet technology has smoothened the way of stamp collectors to meet together and propagate their enthusiasm.

The US Postage Stamps

Millions of stamp collectors are residing in United States and it is predictable that a huge portion of that millions will definitely be having the desire to collect the US postage stamps. The US postage stamps will display the history of the nation. There are huge selections of different designs and models of the stamps to choose and collect as per the desire and that make the stamp collection more interesting and challenging.

In the 1920's the stamp collection became so widespread in all over the country. During that period, the stamps issued in United States had significant value, which has led most of the Americans to collect the unused US stamps in 1930's.

Plate blocks of US postage stamps are still bestsellers and most of the collectors will really aim for the traditional one. Another hard-to-find type of US stamps is those that come in pairs and groups.

There are old postage stamps of United States that can be acquired for a affordable price. Cancelled stamps are also available for the fewer prices. Definitely, those blocks of stamps, which were barely cancelled are valuable to the collectors.

Encyclopedia for Stamps and Stamp Collection of United States.

This encyclopedia is not only a good guide but a comprehensive almanac of the United States postage stamps and stamp collecting also. It gives wide range of informations about the US stamps to the collectors.

The Encyclopedia of United States Stamps and Stamp Collecting begin with the `stamp less covers' or those mails sent before the stamps has introduced. Then it progresses to introduce various stamps, starting from the first issue, in the year of 1845 to the stamps of 21st century.

The encyclopedia gives the maximum details of the history of the Postal Service as well the different stamp printers. There is a section, allotted for the Bureau of Engraving and Printing. The almanac also displays the stamps issued for special delivery, revenue purposes, and postal stationery.

The more interesting thing is that the feature on the technological innovations in producing the stamps. The history of the movement of the mails, the markings on the mails, the distance to be transported, and the machines are involved in the postage services.

The encyclopedia is prepared and presented by the United States Stamp Society, which is a non-profit organization. The organization is dedicated in the study of everything related with the US postage stamps and being the winner of Philatelic Plate Number Association.

The United States Stamps and Stamp Collecting encyclopedia is definitely worth for your money and time. It consists of 62 chapters usually set according to the historical era. The hardbound book has 730 pages in it complete with colorful illustrations and materials.

It is real worth for the serious stamp collectors and very helpful guide for the beginners. More than being a good book regarding the stamps, it is actually another view of the American history, its politics, technology, and culture.The Encyclopedia will be available from the month of June. It is better to secure a copy now itself. It can be ordered online. Do not hesitate. Grab this worthy resource.


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