Your Hobby as Stamp Collector

Any long journey always starts with the first step. Likewise, stamp collection start with your acquiring the first stamp. As a beginner, you need not spend any money to start the stamp collection hobby. All you have to do is to talk to your friends and relatives and tell your interests in taking the unused and unwanted stamps kept in their possession.

Word of mouth works wonders and within a short time you will be rich with a collection of stamps and you may even receive them from unknown sources.

In the meanwhile, you can consider joining some club organised by stamp collectors. You need not look for very elite clubs, but look for simple yet active club and learn all the basics involved in any stamp collection activity. Once you have made up a big album and learned few lessons, you can join bigger club for specializing more in your chosen hobby.

The advantage of joining bigger clubs will be that you can exchange your duplicate collections with other members and get new stamps in return. Further, when you make up your mind to spend some money on buying the stamps, then you get them for lesser price in the known club members? circle rather than the outside world.

The process of exchanging between members also may enable you to get your duplicate stamps fetch some money, which you can recycle to add up to your collection bank.

Alternatively, you can buy stamps from the dealers also. A word of caution is that you have to ensure that the dealers are trustworthy and are authorised to carry out the trade. You can look for advertisement in your local newspapers and magazines for selecting the dealers.

You can also think of joining the trade shows and can also write to dealers directly. You can write to dealers and ask if they would send you stamps for making your purchase decisions. In the event of their acceding to your request, you can choose your stamps and return the rest and making payment only for the purchased stamps; many reputed dealers provide such facility for their regular customers.

Once you have started stamp collection and have a sufficient numbers in your collection kitty, you can think of arranging them based on certain themes or based on your specific interests. You can even think of specialising your collection restricting it to collecting only cancelled mint stamps or uncancelled stamps. The truth that is borne out of wisdom is that the cancelled stamps will cost you less!


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