Other tools ? Color Guides, Perforation Gauge, Glassine Envelopes

Colour Guides

Stamps come in a variety of hues and you can have a limitless numbers of such colourful stamps ever produced by man. Colour Guides are publications brought out specifically to fulfill the need of identifying the various colors used by stamp manufacturers around the world.
Perforation Gauge

As mentioned elsewhere in this document, perforations differ in size and type. With the help of a perforation gauge you can separate stamps on a sheet and identify the stamps according to the different categories. Perforation gauge comes very handy when you have apparently identical stamps but with different perforation.

Glassine Envelopes

Glassine envelopes are transparent envelopes that come in various sizes and thickness. You can make use of these glassine envelopes for storing your stamp collections safely before you mount them permanently in an album.

Before you could mount all your stamp collections in an album, you need to sort them out based on their categories such countries, themes or events. You can make use of glassine envelopes for temporarily storing the sorted stamps before the actual mounting. Glassine envelopes can also be used as mail covers if you want to mail few of your collections to your friends or relatives.

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