Other tools in Stamp collection ? Stamp Tongs, Magnifier

Stamp Tongs

While preserving your stamp collection, you should ensure that the stamps are not getting dirty. If you have a habit of using your hands for handling the stamps, then the chances are more that the stamps might get soiled and eventually the stamps loses its real worth. You can tide over such problematic situation by using the stamp tongs. Stamp tongs are tweezer-like instruments that are used for handling stamps.

If you want to make your collection a worthy one, then you should use stamp tongs without fail under all circumstances. There are plastic and stainless steel tongs and you can choose between them based on your choice.

Stamp tongs come in various sizes ranging from 3 to 5 inches in length and can be purchased for $5.00 to $15.00. There are few expensive or high-end stamp tongs, but it is always preferable to go in for tongs that are nominal in cost.

Experienced stamp collectors are always very particular that they handle their stamps with the barest minimum contact with the stamps. For such purpose, they use a very special tong with very pointed tips so that only a minimum area of the stamp comes in contact with the tongs.

In the process of your stamp collection, you may come across many stamps that are very small in size and you may find it difficult to identify them or read them with your naked eyes. A magnifier can come very handy in reading or identifying such small stamps. A magnifier will assist you to see the details clearly and there by helps you identify the stamps and assess the condition correctly.

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