Other tools ? Stamp Removing Fluids, Hinges, Periodicals

Stamp Removing Fluids

When you receive a postal envelope with stamps on it, you can easily remove such stamps using the stamp removing fluid or stamp-lifting fluids. These stamp-removing fluids are capable of detaching the stamps from the envelopes without damaging any part of the stamp portion. Stamp-lifting solution or fluid comes very handy where water fail to give a desired result for lifting the stamps from the envelopes.

Safe Vinyl Mounts/Hinges

Hinges or safe vinyl stamp mounts are used for mounting your valuable collection of stamps on an album. To make your job little easier, these stamp mounts come in a pre-folded fashion. To mount a stamp you need to moisten the smaller portion, press into the upper portion of the centre of the stamp and mount with the moistened portion of the larger segment.

You have to be little cautious while moistening so as to avoid the gum portion of the mint stamp getting stuck or affixed to the album page which may make it difficult for you to remove the stamp in case of need.

Magazines/Journals/Newsletters/Stamp Periodicals

You also need to refer to various journals, newsletters and related materials for improving your stamp collection on an ongoing basis and to know the real worth of your collection. You can find stamp periodicals, newsletters and magazines cater to your need for such information and guidance. You can also make use of such periodicals to further enhance your collection process.

Your stamp collection is not merely for exhibiting to your friends and relatives. It has more values than that. Your stamp collection is a source for education and your reference material for knowing the facts of culture and heritage of any country or people. You also come to know about the latest developments in philately and help you to admire and appreciate the hobby in a whole.

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